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Our Westchester CA Chiropractor Answers Your Sports Injury Questions

You may have discovered that there are as many different ways to injure yourself playing sports as there are sports to injure yourself in. If you're puzzled as to how and why you're hurting yourself -- and what you can do about it -- here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about sports injuries from our Westchester CA chiropractor, Dr. Viktoria Joga.

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  • Why do I keep getting injured? If you're spending more time on the bench than in the game, you may have an alignment problem that throws your body off balance. This may cause you to put unnatural stresses and strains on your musculoskeletal system, paving the way for frequent injuries.
  • What are some examples of acute sports injuries? Sports such as football, skiing, wrestling and hockey offer plenty of opportunity for acute injuries. These may include violent jolts to the neck, back and spinal column that produce whiplash, sciatica, herniated discs, pinched nerves and torn muscles.
  • What is a repetitive strain injury? Unlike acute injuries, repetitive strain injuries are the result of countless micro-tears in the muscles and tendons over an extended period of time. Common examples include tennis elbow and golf elbow (from swinging rackets and clubs), plantar fasciitis (from running or jumping) and carpal tunnel syndrome (from gripping a club, racket or other sports implement).
  • I didn't injure my leg or arm, so why am I experiencing problems with it? That extremity pain may be coming from your spine. If a herniated disc or other object is pressing against the sciatic nerve roots in your lower back, for example, you may experience leg pain, "pins and needles" or numbness. If the problem is occurring in your neck, you may have similar symptoms in an arm or hand.
  • How can chiropractic adjustment resolve my sports injury problem? Our Westchester CA and West LA sports chiropractic services can correct imbalances that make you injury prone, relieve spinal joint pain and release pinched nerves. Normalizing your posture can even help you improve your sports technique!
  • What other healing techniques do you offer for sports injuries? We can provide RockTape therapeutic taping, massage therapy to relieve pain and enhance healing, and core training to rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles that support your spine.
  • How can I prevent future sports injuries? Maintaining a strong musculature, good posture and normal spinal alignment can help you stay balanced and reduce your risk of sports injuries. We can also provide sports massage and limbering-up advice to help you prepare for Westchester CA and West LA practices and events.

Sports Injury Solutions for Westchester CA and West Los Angeles

Now that you know more about our ability to solve your sports injury issues in Westchester CA or West Los Angeles, call Joga Chiropractic Center at 424-800-2488 to schedule a consultation and any necessary treatment. We're ready to help you accelerate your recovery and optimize your athletic performance!

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