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Chiropractic Care Manages Recurring Pain & Chronic Conditions

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia or another chronic pain condition? Chronic and recurring pain conditions can profoundly impact your quality of life and stop you from enjoying a full and active lifestyle. Many of our patients worry that medication is the only option for managing their ongoing pain, and fear becoming reliant on medication in order to function each day. If you are suffering from chronic pain, there is hope. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment method that effectively manages pain without the need for medication or surgery. Regular chiropractic adjustments bring proper alignment back to the spine, directly addressing the underlying cause for your pain and supporting whole body health.

Our West Los Angeles & Westchester Chiropractor Provides Back & Neck Pain Management

At Joga Chiropractic Center, we believe that the body has the power to heal itself, which is why all of our pain management techniques are drug-free and non-invasive. Chiropractic care is extremely effective for pain management because it addresses the underlying cause for pain, rather than relying on drugs to “cover up” pain symptoms. This is why medication is ineffective for long-term pain management; once drugs wear off, pain will return. In contrast, chiropractic care proactively addresses the underlying problems that trigger chronic pain: a spinal misalignment.

When the spine is out of alignment, the vertebrae place pressure on nearby nerves and muscles. This compression triggers pain and also restricts movement. For example, a car accident can cause a whiplash injury that knocks the cervical spine out of alignment. Following this injury, accident victims may experience neck pain as well as difficulty turning the neck from side to side. Back pain, such as sciatica, is also caused by a spinal misalignment. A herniated or slipped disc in the lumbar spine compresses the sciatic nerve, triggering a radiating pain sensation along the length of the nerve.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, our chiropractor Dr. Joga will first begin by identifying the specific cause for your pain. Dr. Joga uses advanced diagnostic tests to precisely locate spinal subluxations. Once the location for a misalignment is identified, Dr. Joga will create a custom treatment program to bring proper alignment back to the spine. Adjusting the spine relieves nerve compression, which alleviates pain. Chiropractic care is also beneficial for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. Chiropractic adjustments eliminate nerve blockages that may be causing an amplification of pain signals, which helps reduce the severity of pain.

While many patients first come to us for help managing chronic back pain, neck pain or other conditions, regular chiropractic care does more than just relieve pain – it empowers patients to live a healthier, more active life. Thanks to chiropractic care, our chronic pain patients sleep better at night, have more energy, and are able to once again enjoy their favorite activities.

To learn more about how chiropractic care can better manage your chronic pain, schedule a diagnostic appointment with Dr. Joga. Contact Joga Chiropractic Center today at 424-800-2488.

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