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Our Westchester CA Chiropractor Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Back Pain

lower back faq

If you suffer from lower back pain, you've probably got a lot of urgent questions about how to overcome this debilitating problem. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about lower back pain from our Westchester CA chiropractor, Dr. Joga.

  • What kinds of injuries can cause lower back pain? Acute injuries such as sports collisions or auto accidents can wrench the lumbar vertebral joints out of position, causing lower back pain and stiffness. Such injuries are often accompanied by torn muscles or stretched ligaments. A lumbar disc jostled out of its normal position in the spinal column may herniate, with inflammatory inner material pushing painfully out of the tear in the disc's outer casing.
  • I wasn't in an accident -- so why is my lower back hurting? Lower back pain can develop over time as a result of degenerative problems. The spinal joints may suffer arthritis and/or strain related to flattened, bulging discs, while bone spurs and other age-related developments can pinch nerve tissue. Constant stooping or twisting can lead to repetitive strain injuries in the lower back.
  • How does a musculoskeletal misalignment contribute to lower back pain? If your spinal column is off balance due to a longstanding musculoskeletal misalignment, you may be suffering from pinched nerves as well as chronic muscular strain. This may also occur on a temporary basis, as in the extreme shifts in weight distribution that occur during pregnancy.
  • Could my lower back pain actually be coming from somewhere else? In some cases, a pain signal generated from one part of the body might be felt in your back. This is called referred pain. The opposite is also true -- for instance, a herniated lumbar disc that pinches the sciatic nerve can refer pain to the leg.
  • Why should I think twice about drugs or surgery for lower back pain? Drugs can reduce pain signals temporarily, but they can't fix the cause of the pain itself. While major back surgery may relieve pain, it also involves significant risks -- and it may not relieve the pain at all.
  • How does chiropractic care relieve lower back pain? Chiropractic care can realign vertebral joints so they can move freely and without pain once again. It also takes pressure away from discs (which in turn takes pressure off of nearby nerves) and helps normalize your posture to relieve muscular strain.
  • What other natural methods does your chiropractor prescribe for lower back pain? Our chiropractor can also prescribe safe, natural treatment methods such such as massage therapy to loosen tight muscles, RockTape to add extra support to painful lower back tissues, and multiple natural care techniques to ease pregnancy-related lower back pain.

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